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Before HIV


The 'Before HIV' project is interested in hearing from health professionals who worked in the fields of sexual health and venereal disease control before 1981 in Canada, the United States, and/or England - particularly those who interacted extensively with gay men, other men who had sex with men, and/or trans people.

To find out more information, and to share your reminiscences, please contact the project's chief investigator, Dr Richard A. McKay (


Following a poorly marked trail. George Hassinger of the U.S. Public Health Services checks his book during a search for a syphilis 'contact' in New York, April 13, 1961. He is one of a group of devoted men who work overtime tracking down spreaders of the venereal disease, again on the increase in the U.S. The black bag holds equipment for blood tests.

Associated Press, 13 April 1961. 














































This photograph by Bob Wands is reproduced with permission from Associated Press, which holds the copyright.